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Pittsburgh Blue
Buy Pittsburgh First exists to bring awareness to local industrial companies in western PA. We are a grass roots movement that encourages companies to examine their buying habits and support local supply and service companies. After all, when you buy locally we all win!


Eris Interactive Logo

Eris Interactive Group Helps Businesses Protect & Optimize Data

Cybersecurity is a topic that should be on the minds of businesses large and small. People and robots continually scan the internet, looking for vulnerabilities, warns Mike Gualtieri, founder and CEO of Eris Interactive Group (Eris - "Companies often assume they are not large enough to be targeted," he says, "and too often they recognize the risk only after their information has been compromised."

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Wojanis Hydraulic Supply Co.

Wojanis Supply Keeps Hydraulic Equipment & Systems Running Smoothly

Fluid power, or hydraulics, is a unique niche in today's energy sector, and Pittsburgh-based Wojanis Supply Company is among a handful of companies positioned to fill that niche. Wojanis specializes in distribution and repair, and also in the development of hydraulically-engineered solutions.

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Eris Interactive Group

Formerly known as M. L. Gualtieri Group, Eris Interactive Group is a Pittsburgh consulting firm specializing in software design and development for startups, small businesses, and non-profits. We handle all aspects of the software development cycle, taking rough ideas and turning them into polished products. Our clients range from government to health-and-wellness to manufacturing. We specialize in Linux and Open Source Software development, and offer managed, scalable cloud-based hosting for clients. Our typical projects range from eCommerce, business process automation, cyber security, mobile app development, custom search platforms, and other web products.