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Buy Pittsburgh First exists to build awareness among manufacturing and industrial companies, specifically in Western Pennsylvania. We encourage these regional companies to examine their buying habits, and whenever possible, to support local supply and service companies.

If you are a supplier of industrial products and services, Buy Pittsburgh First will help increase your company's visibility among industrial buyers who want to support our region's economy. We use a variety of online and offline channels on a daily basis, finding ways to connect buyers and sellers.

This unique business network reflects the collaborative nature of our region's manufacturers, industrial suppliers and service companies. Your participation not only helps you reduce costs, improve response time and create truly strategic relationships, but it also allows you to contribute to the strength of our local business communities.

A Little History

A number of industrial suppliers in the Greater Pittsburgh Area launched Buy Pittsburgh First in 2009, primarily to help our region's industrial companies weather challenging economic times. The goal was to reach purchasing agents throughout the region, making them more aware of the resources available in their own backyard. Buy Pittsburgh First's successful model continues to help local companies connect, resulting in a greater amount of member-to-member business, as well as an increase in the number of dollars invested back into our region's economy.

Expanded Influence

In 2014, SMC Business Councils took notice of the impact Buy Pittsburgh First was having in the industrial space. Leadership from both organizations recognized that their combined resources would deliver even more opportunities to the region's manufacturers, industrial suppliers and service companies. At the start of 2015, Buy Pittsburgh First was officially acquired by SMC Business Councils, expanding the opportunity for successful connections among regional businesses. The mission of Buy Pittsburgh First remains unchanged, but its reach has been multiplied by the significant influence of SMC, an organization that has been promoting Western Pennsylvania companies and the health of our region as a whole since 1944.

What does it mean for me?
For every $100 spent with a company headquartered in Pennsylvania $68 of that money is recycled back to the community through expenditures, payroll taxes and more. As opposed to $43 that is given back when buying from a company outside of Pennsylvania. That extra $25 has the potential to become a huge source of cash flow to our schools, roads, parks and more.