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Eris Interactive Group Helps Businesses Protect & Optimize Data

Cybersecurity is a topic that should be on the minds of businesses large and small. People and robots continually scan the internet, looking for vulnerabilities, warns Mike Gualtieri, founder and CEO of Eris Interactive Group (Eris - "Companies often assume they are not large enough to be targeted," he says, "and too often they recognize the risk only after their information has been compromised." He suggests regular security audits to stay ahead of rapid advances in cyber threats.

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Additionally, Mr. Gualtieri advises companies to have up-to-date disaster recovery plans. A comprehensive plan should identify critical business information, forecast outcomes if a compromise occurs and specify steps to optimally recover information.

In 2011, Mr. Gualtieri founded Eris (previously known as M. L. Gualtieri Group), a software design and development firm. The company provides web and app solutions, including search functions, analytics and reporting, inventory management, process automation and managed cloud hosting.

Optimizing search functions is a core company offering. "We deliver data to the user in its most useful form," says Mr. Gualtieri. He cites the work Eris has done for Imagine Pittsburgh, the region's most comprehensive job search engine. Since 2013, the search engine's complex data indexing has efficiently managed more than 20,000 daily job postings and serviced more than 2.2 million job views.

Eris also delivers value by organizing data and making it accessible in the form of analytics and reports. "Companies often miss valuable information that could be gleaned from their data," explains Mr. Gualtieri, referring to trends in sales, revenue, inventory and more. "Once a company is able to quantify trends, they can apply their findings to reduce costs and maximize profit."

Inventory management is a win for every business, according to Mr. Gualtieri. "As soon as we move our customers from spreadsheets to customized software solutions, they immediately see the positive impact on production."

Eris also offers managed cloud hosting and unique ecommerce and B2B ordering systems, which have been known to boost sales in a relatively short period of time. Additionally, Eris handles website design and maintenance, including SEO and responsive design, a near necessity in today's mobile world.

Minimizing client costs is an Eris value proposition. To meet that objective, the company engages a network of technology and design professionals. "We pull the appropriate expert in for specific project components, so we work swiftly and efficiently," says Mr. Gualtieri. "The customer never pays for downtime."

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