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Measuring Profit through a New Filter

To many people, filters and filtration are nearly one and the same. To Harry Elinsky, Jr., however, the two terms differentiate his business from that of his competitors. Mr. Elinsky is the CEO of Filtech, Inc., a West Homestead-based distributor that provides filtration solutions to manufacturing, commercial, energy and healthcare organizations across the Tri--State Area.

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"Filters are a commodity" explains Mr. Elinsky. "Filtration, on the other hand is unique to each organization's needs." The current business climate, he says, has encouraged companies to evaluate how the filtration of air, water, natural gas, process fluids and other substances can improve efficiencies and reduce expenses. Cost savings commonly result from reductions in labor and energy usage, as well as the extended life of equipment.

For Filtech, becoming an active member of SMC was a natural step. The company has been a staunch supporter of BuyPittsburghFirst for a number of years. "I was intrigued by the concept of local companies working together to benefit the regional economy," notes Mr. Elinsky.

Filtech is proof that new business does result from the collaborative efforts of local companies. Thanks to an introduction by another BuyPittsburghFirst member, Filtech is now in its fourth year of supplying filters for all of PNC Park's ice machines. Mr. Elinsky expects that the collaboration between SMC and BuyPittsburghFirst will only increase opportunities for suppliers, end users and the region as a whole. "We're headquartered in Pittsburgh," he adds. "Why wouldn't we want to keep business dollars here at home?"

Keeping it close to home is a familiar concept for this second-generation business. Even more important to Mr. Elinsky, however, is ensuring the company's continued pattern of growth. That, he explains, requires the addition of new blood. Filtech might just be outside the industry norm when it comes to pulling young professionals into the mix. The company's success is a result of its willingness to adapt the hiring process and its commitment to provide plenty of nurturing along the way. "Young people are our future," Mr. Elinsky says. "We need to help them learn, so they can do a better job than we have done."

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While Filtech does maintain the largest inventory of filters in Western PA and the greater Tri-State Area, the company prides itself on providing expertise and service that goes far beyond the role of product provider. One of Filtech's service differentiators is its ability to respond immediately to a client's needs. "For some of our clients," explains Filtech's CEO, Harry Elinsky, "responsive service can mean the difference between a full day of revenue-producing activity or downtime that costs the company money with each passing moment."

In addition to an exemplary customer service team, Filtech has an in-house production team that can customize filters for any need. "There is no filter requirement that we can't fulfill," says Matt Rudzik, Filtech's Gas Market Sales Coordinator.

Filtech also offers a vendor stocking program that ensures quick response time. "The product is on hand and ready for delivery, explains Mr. Rudzik. The company's commitment to responsive product delivery is evident in the more than 30,000 square feet of space dedicated to an inventory of more than 90,000 filters for air, gas and liquid applications.

Filtech focuses on the minutiae of the way it fulfills customer needs. "We'll deliver a full pallet or just one filter, and we'll deliver the product wherever the client wants it," explains Mr. Rudzik. "There's no risk that a bulk shipment is sitting in some warehouse, waiting to be processed." Filtech also offers vendor-managed inventory programs that work well for many clients. "Our inventory control service takes the risk out of the order and delivery process," adds Mr. Rudzik.

Inventory management and personal service are just two components of Filtech's success in providing comprehensive filtration solutions. "Our service doesn't begin or end with the sale of filters," confirms Mr. Elinsky. "We are in the business of helping our clients identify the most practical filtration solutions." Filtech's professionals take an active role in testing and evaluating environments for possible inadequacies in air quality and filtration systems. If performance is less than best, Filtech steps into the role of troubleshooter.

Filtech's full-service business model has helped numerous organizations save money. "The right filtration solution means a reduction in energy costs and fewer filter replacements," says Mr. Elinsky, "and fewer filters translates into a reduction in delivery, labor and disposal expenses. The savings can be quite significant."

A complete listing of products and services is available on Filtech's website,