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Five Generations Strong

The best of both worlds. That's how Phil Sonnenklar, CEO, Iron City Workplace Services, describes business as a fifth generation company. "We live by the same family values that have guided our business for nearly 90 years," he notes, "but we've never become stagnant."

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Part of the company's success has been its willingness to invest in technology and adapt to changing market needs. "We began as a uniform rental service," says Mr. Sonnenklar, "but now we're now so much more."

A major contributor to the company's forward-looking vision has been Zach Sonnenklar, Phil's son and the fifth generation of family leadership. His five-year presence has created an ideal transition that carries on the Sonnenklars' dedication to family values, while injecting new ideas that are keeping the company vibrant and progressive.

The company's rebranding campaign tells a story of transformation. Four years ago, the Sonnenklars led their marketing team in a campaign that moved the company from Iron City Uniforms to the much more appropriate Iron City Workplace Services. In addition to full-service uniform rental, Iron City provides comparable services -- rental, embroidery, inventory, cleaning and delivery -- of mats and kitchen apparel, along with the inventory and delivery of restroom and industrial cleaning supplies, and power washing equipment.

Outside-the-Box Actions

Iron City Workplace's document management service has expanded its client base into the professional services sector. Mobile offsite shredding ensures affordable and secure document destruction, and a public drop off has created opportunities for community involvement. Iron City's document management program also includes high speed document scanning, which allows companies to free up space by turning unmanageable paper files into organized and searchable electronic documents.

Iron City Workplace Services RFID

Iron City Workplace Services has no plans to slow its forward-looking business vision. Already in the works are a number of initiatives that will continue to meet the diverse needs of a growing client base. One more thing will never change, according to both Phil and Zach Sonnenklar, and that is family values.

Mobile Inventory

Iron City Workplace Services employs a unique mobile inventory system called Radio Frequency ID (RFID). The technology creates a system of accountability and accuracy which benefits the company and its clients.

"Loss of material is the greatest challenge in our industry," explains Phil Sonnenklar. "RFID chips eliminate that issue, and that reduces frustration and expense for everyone."

RFID relies on a chip, sewn like a button, into every uniform and mat. Each uniquely coded chip tracks the movement of individual items from the moment of initial distribution. As garments and mats are picked up for cleaning or repair, each RFID chip creates a unique digital trail. That trail continues, tracking return to and departure from Iron City's facility, until the items are securely delivered back to the customer. Customers can easily access this information at any time through an online customer portal.

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