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Successful Diversification The Jennison Way

If it sounds like a good idea, we'll give it a try. That, says Deb Jennison, characterizes the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder of Jennison Corporation, her father, Tom Jennison. Since their father's untimely passing in early 2015, Deb Jennison and her brother, Michael, have taken the helm as the company's next generation of leadership. As co-owners, they are building on the legacy of their father, embracing innovation and valuing family businesses like theirs as an important part of the nation's fabric.

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From the beginning, the company invested in the development of innovative product offerings. Case in point, their proprietary "RoboGrip" pliers became an overnight sensation when Bob Vila of This Old House applied his stamp of approval, establishing Jennison as the patriarch of standard laminated tool design.

Jennison didn't stop there. The company's entrepreneurial outlook created a number of other unique opportunities, including the manufacturing of components for satellite heat exchangers, space shuttles, space suits, military M40 gas masks and firefighter face masks. Even Celine Dion has put Jennisonmanufactured microphone components to use.

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Jennison Corporation now boasts four subsidiaries. Jennison Precision Machine handles the company's high-volume CNC production machining. A second subsidiary, Jennison Quality Components, provides replacement parts for pharmaceutical companies, and Jennison's Energy Division manufactures and distributes replacement parts for the oil and gas industry. Calling the oil & gas sector "burgeoning" is an overstatement at this time as business conditions remain soft.

Finally, Jennison Ice — the brainchild of Tom Jennison and his son, Michael, — provides commercial grade ice dispensing equipment to restaurants, bars, hotels and other commercial facilities.

Jennison Ice, a division of Jennison Manufacturing Group, provides commercial grade ice dispensing equipment to restaurants, bars, hotels and other commercial facilities.

Paul Sirney, General Manager of Jennison Corporation, notes, "Our company's mission has never changed. We've grown, thanks to Tom's vision to diversify, but we've accomplished that without sacrificing our commitment to family and to our community."

Community, for Jennison, includes the needs of other local companies and an investment in tomorrow's leaders. As one example, Jennison Corporation regularly sponsors BotsIQ, a competition that challenges high school students to apply engineering principles to robot design. Says Mr. Sirney, "It's very rewarding see students excited about engineering and the manufacturing industry."

The next chapter in Jennison Corporation's story will likely be a continuation of its first 30 years. Deb Jennison speaks proudly of her father's leadership and the opportunity to follow his example. "My dad built this business for all of us, not just the Jennison family, but for all of the dedicated people who believed in his vision. He wanted Jennison Corporation to feel like family for all of us, and he achieved that."

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