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PRESS RELEASE: Local Website Sources Thousands of Tools, Parts and Components to the Manufacturing Community

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA (March 29, 2016) - Recognizing the importance of buying from local suppliers, BuyPittsburghFirst, a division of the SMC Business Councils, has launched SOURCE Engine, a comprehensive online directory of regional suppliers. SOURCE Engine can be found on the website and connects manufacturers and industrial companies with local suppliers to find the tools, equipment, products and services to run their business. Based in Western Pennsylvania, BuyPittsburghFirst features regional companies whose products and tools are needed by thousands of regional manufacturers and industrial companies.

"A company that doesn't look locally to fill their needs is missing out on a great relationship," stated SMC President Steven Shivak. "Local companies provide great products at great prices. Moreover, when you have a problem and your vendor isn't local, what do you do? Buying local means any challenges can be addressed in person and resolved. When you add the economic benefit of increased jobs, community support and a better tax base, why would you spend your money elsewhere?"

But does buying local really make a difference? According to Don Heberle, the answer is a resounding "Yes." As Warehouse Division Manager for Equipco, an industrial material handling company in Western Pennsylvania, Heberle directly attributes close to $500,000 in sales as a result of relationships created through BuyPittsburghFirst. "Industrial companies want to buy from local businesses. BuyPittsburghFirst makes it easier for them to find us. As a result of the BuyPittsburghFirst network, we have met and formed very strong relationships with new customers."

When asked how the launch of the website will assist Equipco, Heberle replies, "The website makes it easier for companies to find our company and our products. It is an extension of our sales strategy." Manufacturers and industrial companies can go online and search from over 10,000 items to run their business. Indeed, a quick search on BuyPittsburghFirst's website identifies over 350 O-rings, 200 pumps and 500 valves available to purchase. If a manufacturer needs it, odds are they can find it on And if they can't? Shivak says, "Email one of the companies on the site and we'll find it for you." Another benefit of buying local.

You can find the search engine on or by going to and clicking on the BuyPittsburghFirst tab.