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What Pittsburgh, AutoZone and Denzel Washington Have in Common?

It's hard to explain a logical connection between AutoZone and Denzel Washington, unless that is, you're talking about the client list of St. Moritz's Security Services, Inc. St. Moritz entered the security business in 1982, expanding upon the company's commercial janitorial service offerings.

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While the company continues to provide cleaning services for high rises and other commercial and industrial buildings, its security division now serves a surprisingly agile national network that stretches from Las Vegas to New York to Boston and beyond. With more than $70 million in annual revenue, the company ranks as the 15th largest among 4,000 security companies nationwide.

St. Moritz has provided security for the Academy Awards, AutoZone, Swatch, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, the Three Rivers Regatta, and Denzel Washington during the 2010 filming of Unstoppable. Perhaps less flashy, but extremely important to the business world, is St. Moritz's capacity to provide a broad range of security services to high rise office buildings, hospitals, ATM service companies, chemical plants and other manufacturing facilities.

"Good security is an investment," says Tim Delano, Operations Manager. "Our clients recognize real value in terms of risk management and asset protection."

St. Moritz is highly regarded throughout the industry for its flexibility and responsiveness. The statistics behind the company's unique level of client service are impressive. At its disposal are 450 security affiliates and 1,500 independent police officers who are equipped to handle armed, unarmed and plainclothes security assignments. St. Moritz responds to more than 22,000 assignments per month, with a 90-minute or less on-site response time -- anywhere in the nation.

When it comes to client service, it's easy to hear the passion in St. Moritz's leadership team. Jim Littler, Business Development, explains the company's service philosophy. "Our clients shouldn't have to spend their time and resources to manage security personnel; that's why they hire us. We manage all operations and back the quality of our service." St. Moritz helps ensure staff accountability by conducting unannounced, on-site inspections. Mr. Littler adds, "We provide exceptional service to our clients, but we never diminish the respect we give our professional security officers. Many of them have worked for us for more than 20 years."

St. Moritz's Security Services, Inc.

St. Moritz employs nearly 800 in the Pittsburgh region alone, and all operations are run from the company's Pittsburghbased International Communication Center. From that single location, the company's expansive security network is moved into action, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

St. Moritz's dedication to Pittsburgh is a reflection of its history as a locally-owned business that was founded in 1968 by life long resident, Philip St. Moritz.

The Pittsburgh connection is one reason St. Moritz's leadership team values their Buy Pittsburgh First membership, and why they look forward to the new opportunities that will open up now that the company is a member of SMC Business Councils.

"It's a great way to meet and learn about other Pittsburgh businesses," says Director of Business Development, Joe Mitchell. "We can benefit from one another."

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