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Wojanis Supply Keeps Hydraulic Equipment & Systems Running Smoothly

Fluid power, or hydraulics, is a unique niche in today's energy sector, and Pittsburgh-based Wojanis Supply Company is among a handful of companies positioned to fill that niche. Wojanis specializes in distribution and repair, and also in the development of hydraulically-engineered solutions.

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With the advent of electric power generation, hydraulics has seen a decline in application, but Keith Goldstrohm and Doug Goldstrohm, brothers and co-presidents of Wojanis Supply Company, aren't concerned. "Hydraulics will never become obsolete," explains Keith Goldstrohm. "They are the unseen power supply for equipment that we use on a regular basis." He references some of the most familiar hydraulic applications, including tow trucks, roller coasters, snow plows, buses and tractors.

Despite the wane in hydraulic power usage, Wojanis has continued to increase business by engaging new technologies. "We're very aggressive in our use of technology to advance our company," says Mr. Goldstrohm, "and that focus has helped us continue to grow our market share." Wojanis has created a robust online presence that simplifies distribution, repair and engineering support. The company has also extended its reach beyond Pittsburgh to a national market, thanks to its ecommerce focus. "We're fully engaged with Amazon,"explains Mr. Goldstrohm, "and the efficiency of ordering and delivery means we can serve a much larger customer base without sacrificing our level of service."

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Wojanis has also introduced proprietary software that allows customers to go well beyond order tracking and requests for technical support. The company's filter management system provides an interactive dashboard that allows customers to efficiently manage routine maintenance, extend the life of their equipment and prevent costly downtime. The program offers a customized maintenance schedule, as well as reports that indicate maintenance and repair needs. Mr. Goldstrohm expands on one particular aspect of the filter management system. "Our oil analysis program gives our customers a way to monitor and optimize equipment performance. Because they can quickly identify a potential problem, they are more likely to prevent downtime and costly equipment failure." He notes that consistent and accurate data can also be used to corroborate warranty claims.

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In addition to the company's success in integrating technology, Mr. Goldstrohm notes that Wojanis's primary differentiator is its ability to serve in a problem-solving capacity. "Design is integral to our company's brand," he says. "We have a staff of full-time engineers who are experts in hydraulics. When a customer has a need, our engineers listen, and they're then able to present a design solution to meet that need."

Wojanis serves a broad cross-section of industries, including coal, steel and trucking. While the company has had significant success in serving drilling rigs and fracking companies, the decline in natural gas prices is not jeopardizing future success. "We're a Pittsburgh company," says Mr. Goldstrohm. "We preceded the Shale industry, and we'll be here even if that market dries up."

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